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We Strategise, Showcases & Strengthen brand "YOU".




Election Campaign Marketing

Election Campaigns

From Google Hangouts with overseas citizens to online political debates organised by Facebook, Indian politicians have turned to social media to woo voters. Social media can be the cheapest marketing tool around. It can help India move away from the current situation, where money means success in political campaigning. 75 percent of India’s online population is  younger than the age of 35, significantly younger than in other BRIC countries. 


"Politicians realized that social media is not a couple of kids talking about fashion, but actually people talking about serious things" 

Our past experience earned us an invaluable experience. We know the drill.

Selected? Now, Its about getting Elected!

Corporate Branding

Product/Brand Online Marketing

Branding a product was much easier when there were no websites, smart phones, interactive games or social media. Today, creative teams are required to seamlessly brand products across multiple media. It is difficult to settle on one product branding definition because branding triggers an emotional connection in consumers.


If done well, product branding can be maintained and produce a solid, well-connected connection throughout the life of the product. The challenge, however, lies in new media, licensing and social media, where the “message” might be communicated via the audience and not the expert branding professionals.

We provide various instruments like Creatives, Videos, Brand Association, TVC, SMM that creates a buzz with utmost simplicity.

You develop a product, we add a brand tag to it!!

Celebrity Marketing

Complete Social Media & PR Management

You Be A Film Star, Politician, Singer, Writer or any Persona leading a public life, the next thing equally important after food, clothing and water is "A STRONG POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE & CAPABLE PR TEAM WORKING FOR YOU!!" 

Its not just about social media but a brand engineering. A single content exhibited online has the power to make or break a hard earned image. Our dedicated team consisting of Social Media Strategist, Media Personnel, IT Expert, Creative Writers, Designers, Editors, Sound Designers and make you earn a dream stardom in your public life. 

You earned a Name. We bring a desired fame to it.

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