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Political campaign in india

Campaign strategy should be 20% Strategy & 80% implementation.


That’s where our expertise comes into action. When we at Incube Pixel take a driving seat for an election campaign, we empower the candidate with all the proven tools, technology, teams and trackers. We provide best election management services


Our team of political stalwarts and strategic partners across the nation customises your strategy with winning strategies along with customised local infusions. Our designed strategy are backed by the team of professionals who implements it to the last core.


Partnering with diverse minds is the key to success.


Social media is a major weapon in the battle of ballots.


A centralized head quarter is the need of time. Make you campaigns collaborative, strategic and measurable by setting up war rooms equipped with high-speed computers, data bank and digitalis ed monitoring cells.


War rooms banks on non-traditional ways to attract voters. War rooms do the home work for parties and candidates, and help in canvassing and connecting with voters. Without home work your class work won’t be good enough.

We at Incube Pixel works round the clock, analyzing information, large pool of data, events,  public sentiments and make sure the table turns our way.

political campaign in india
Political campaign in india

As a matter of fact, voters are over 27 times more likely to click on an video than a standard banner.


Videos that have a hook, analytical  content throughout, and a gripping final call-to-action are bound to create an impact. 


At Incube Pixel - We are story tellers, we are analyst, we create heroic biographies for our candidates, realistic survey videos to analysed statistical videos. From TV advertisements to theatrical campaigns, from making docu-dramas to compose a theme song for the campaign, we are a complete production house backed by a team of political analyst and writers.  We can create magic with the words and visuals.


"Politicians realised that social media is not a couple of kids talking about fashion, but actually people talking about serious things"


We at Incube Pixel master the art with proven campaigns for some of the most profound leaders of the nation.

Social media can be the cheapest marketing tool around. It can help India move away from the current situation, where money means success in political campaigning. 75 percent of India’s online population is  younger than the age of 35, significantly younger than in other BRIC countries and social media is the biggest influencer.

Selected? Now, Its about getting Elected!

Political campaign in india
Political campaign in india

The main objective of this survey is to find out voter perception and the rated performance of existing Candidate on those issues.


In addition, it seeks to fill a vital gap in contemporary times, namely, evidence based research and action on governance. Sometimes, the results of the Perception Assessment show the striking difference between the priorities of the voters and the performance of the Candidate on those issues. There is a need to re-set some of the priorities to reflect what the voters really need and to improve governance.


Our survey teams at Incube Pixel spread across demography with regional access runs the survey process with proven methodologies and real time updates. Our team of data scientist at Incube Pixel evaluates the public inclination based on the reports and laid the base for a winning strategy.

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